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20 Top Christmas gift ideas for wife

Everyone can do with a little inspiration when it is about buying Christmas gifts for the person who has always been by your side, your wife. She occupies the major part of your heart and her Christmas should either be something unique or something that she wants, whether or not she has vocally told you about. Getting the perfect becomes quite easy when you keep her personality in mind. See our top choices for Christmas gifts for wife below:

1. [amazon link=”B07TXTJT97″ title=”DIY Explosion Box“]

[amazon fields=”B07TXTJT97″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”DIY-Explosion-Box”]

We started with looking for diy Christmas gifts for wife because any DIY gift takes effort and makes it special instantly. Take for example this explosion box. This is a DIY gift which will need you to put your scrapbooking skills to use. It’s an amazing handmade and creative gift. The photo album will be completely magical and unique which you have to fill up with your wife’s and both of your photos and messages. She will be totally surprised to find such a thoughtful gift. The regular looking black box will fill her with surprise once she opens it. The gift box with 6 faces, 5 layers and 12 pockets will explode as soon as it is opened. All the sides will fall back and the multi-layered with all your hardwork on it will become fully visible. You can fill the small gift box inside with a necklace, earring, watch or any small gift

Key Features:

  • Photos can be attached or messages written
  • Mini gift box at centre
  • Can golf 60 photos or postcards

[amazon fields=”B07TXTJT97″ value=”button”]

2. [amazon link=”B08LDTMHS9″ title=”Chocolates & Savories Christmas Gift Hamper“]

[amazon fields=”B08LDTMHS9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Chocolates-&-Savouries-Christmas-Gift-Hamper”]

Sometimes a gift basket that contains little things which can give her an enjoyable time is the perfect gift. She has always been the one sending out hampers filled with delicious treats to others. Give her this Christmas gift basket filled with luxury gourmet products. Her smile will tell you she has always wanted someone to give her a basket full of goodies. All the products have been hand-picked and are from premium brands. You do not have to worry about packaging as everything will be gift wrapped in a  basket. Add a personalized message and it will be put on a gift tag. The gift basket is strong and looks beautiful which she is going to save as a keepsake.Popcorn, chocolates, wafer rolls, tea bags, peanuts and sandwich biscuits are going to bring out the child in her.

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Gourmet food items

[amazon fields=”B08LDTMHS9″ value=”button”]

3. [amazon link=”B01DGC2Y8Y” title=”Women’s Shawl“]

[amazon fields=”B01DGC2Y8Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Women’s-Shawl”]

A shawl is a versatile clothing item as it can be worn in multiple styles. Give a new shawl this Christmas which she can wear to keep herself warm while looking trendy. This large Kashmiri woolen shawl is hand embroidered and has an elegant look. She can wrap it up on her Christmas dress and look fabulous. A woven Jamdani shawl is very traditional and it has been given a jacquard pattern all over to make it look glamorous and royal. The color combination of the threads used in the embroidery makes this exclusive shawl look trendy. The shawl can be paired with ethnic kurtis and also worn with western formals with the help of a belt at the waist. There are various ways a shawl can be styled and there are many videos online on the topic.

Key Features:

  • Jacquard pattern
  • Jamdani weaving
  • Made with wool and cashmilon

[amazon fields=”B01DGC2Y8Y” value=”button”]

4. [amazon link=”B076VZKX72″ title=”Funny Novelty Coffee Mug“]

[amazon fields=”B076VZKX72″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Funny-Novelty-Coffee-Mug”]

As your wife is one hell of a cool lady, are you thinking about cool Christmas gifts for wife which you can give her? This coffee mug is going to be the best Christmas for her. Your wife works hard throughout the day managing all the housework and probably office work too. It is but natural that she gets cranky sometimes and needs some downtime with a mug of coffee bto get her mood relaxed. This mug is going to make her smile with the witty and humorous text printed on it and will cool her down instantly. This clear mug can hold 13 oz. of coffee and it will become her new favourite mug to begin the day with, especially since she is the type who feels a little grumpy on waking up till she has her coffee or tea.

Key Features:

  • Gift-boxed
  • Text with white ink on both sides
  • Christmas gift for coffee and tea lovers

[amazon fields=”B076VZKX72″ value=”button”]

5. [amazon link=”B07L4Q6MD8″ title=”Engraved 3D Moon Lamp“]

[amazon fields=”B07L4Q6MD8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Engraved-3D-Moon-Lamp”]

This is a personalized Moon light with 3D printing designed for your wife. The lettering on the lamp is protruding and not engraved to give a 3D effect. Though it looks like it has been made with glass, it is a plastic lamp which means it will not break if knocked down accidentally. It is a 5.9 inches big light on which the 3D printing technology gives a very realistic look. It looks like the moon we see in the sky which makes it a charming Christmas gift for your precious person. This moon lamp with two RGB will create a dreamy ambience and will be a perfect Christmas decoration for your bedroom.

Key Features:

  • Made with PLA
  • Remote controlled
  • Brightness can be changed with touch

[amazon fields=”B07L4Q6MD8″ value=”button”]

6. [amazon link=”B076VX2XPC” title=”Funny Wine Glass“]

[amazon fields=”B076VX2XPC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Funny-Wine-Glass”]

Another gift which is equally cool and funny is this wine glass. Drinking home-made wine during is a practice still in many homes or if not home-made, there is a lot of wine-drinking done during the holiday season. This funny glass will bring an added cheer to her Christmas. At the end of a hectic day or a tiring day, this lass filled with wine will be her perfect companion. There are 3 markers to mark the quantity in which the wine should be poured to make her feel relaxed, or de-stressed or tipsy. On Christmas, she can use it once to feel relaxed, then another serving to get fully stress-free and then another to feel heady as one should during celebrations!

Key Features:

  • Bubble-wrapped gift box
  • Gag gift
  • Clear glass

[amazon fields=”B076VX2XPC” value=”button”]

7. [amazon link=”B0776GLS3X” title=”Women’s Handbag“]

[amazon fields=”B0776GLS3X” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Women’s-Handbag“]

Do you want to know what the top Christmas gifts for wife are? Well a handbag is one and it has always been. The simple reason is that most women can’t have enough bags and shoes, apart from clothes. This cream bag looks so elegant and on top of that it has many compartments. If she’s a woman who likes to carry a whole lot of stuff in her handbag then she would be very happy to receive this one. The organizers will help. The spacious bag will be helpful for day-long trips too. The bag has handles but a sling will be provided too, so it can be styled like a sling bag. The multiple compartments, pockets, key holders and zippers make it both a highly useful and stylish.

Key Features:

  • 3 main compartments
  • Matches with any outfit
  • Can be used daily

[amazon fields=”B0776GLS3X” value=”button”]

8. [amazon link=”B08SKBD9ZQ” title=”Washable Cotton Masks”]

[amazon fields=”B08SKBD9ZQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Washable-Cotton-Masks”]

What can be more essential in today’s world if we need to step out more than face masks?  However unfortunate that is, what’s fortunate for us is the availability of fashionable cloth masks. These look good and also are extremely comfortable to wear and they do the required job too, if worn properly. If your wife has been wearing the wear and throwing surgical masks or other expensive masks, introduce her to washable cloth masks this Christmas. This is a set of 12 face masks with floral prints on all them. The masks have different colours and designs on them, so she can match her mask with her clothes or wear a contrasting one for colour-blocking. She will be amazed to find such beautiful masks which will cover her nose and chin properly.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable elastic bands
  • Great for hot days
  • Machine-washable

[amazon fields=”B08SKBD9ZQ” value=”button”]

9. [amazon link=”B08XYJZ8Y1″ title=”3D Pop Up Greeting Card“]

[amazon fields=”B08XYJZ8Y1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”3D-Pop-Up-Greeting-Card”]

Greeting cards are a simple and sweet way of letting someone know how special they are to you. This moon card is a really romantic one which you can give to your lovely wife. She is going to keep it as a keepsake for years to come and open it every now and then. You must write a love note on it which will keep on delighting her on many more Christmas days. The handmade card with the moon and all the hearts on it are enough to let her know how much love you have for her in your heart. When the unique 3D card is opened, a moon and a hugging couple pops out. If you had to tell her “Love you to the moon and back”, this is the card you want to give her. It will tell her the exact thing in a beautiful manner. If you are a shy man, let the card do the talking.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a blank envelope and note
  • Flat when folded
  • 3D scene pops up when opened

[amazon fields=”B08XYJZ8Y1″ value=”button”]

10. [amazon link=”B08P5WDBVZ” title=”Candle Holder“]

[amazon fields=”B08P5WDBVZ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Candle-Holder”]

Looking for more romantic gifts for wife? How romantic! A candle holder like this is sweet. It will also be very useful for the quiet Christmas dinner that you have been planning for the two of you. Actually you will get two candle holders which look like one when joined together, just like how you both complete each other. Maybe your hectic work life and regular life-stress has made you a bit grumpy who forgets to compliment his wife. Make up for that and make her feel super-pleased and happy by letting her know she’s your queen. On Christmas, maybe you can set up the table, place two candles in them and then light them to give her a surprise. A surprise dinner and a surprisingly good gift will flatter any woman.

Key Features:

  • 2 tealight holders
  • Heart-shape in middle
  • Romantic message printed

[amazon fields=”B08P5WDBVZ” value=”button”]

11. [amazon link=”B08V8NW9W8″ title=”Personalized Flannel Throw Blanket“]

[amazon fields=”B08V8NW9W8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=’Personalized-Flannel-Throw-Blanket”]

One more gift we think is very romantic is this blanket. It is a letter full of positivity to encourage your wife and let her know how special she is. The blanket will be delivered in a storage bag which will be helpful in carrying the blanket while travelling. This blanket is good for using indoors as well as outdoors. She would like to curl up on the sofa or bed on cold wintry days with this blanket providing her with comfort, both physically and mentally. It will be like you’re giving her a warm hug. While on picnics and camping or on a plane, this blanket is going to be very functional.

Key Features:

  • Push microfiber polyester
  • Love letter on blanket
  • For indoor and outdoor use

[amazon fields=”B08V8NW9W8″ value=”button”]

12. [amazon link=”B091Q9C3M5″ title=” Wooden Music Box“]

[amazon fields=”B091Q9C3M5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Wooden-Music-Box”]

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for wife as you like to give something exceptional, do consider this wooden music box. This retro styled music box is really different and is going to impress her a lot. As the handle is turned gently, she will be able to hear the tune of ‘You are My Sunshine’. There is also a heart-warming message imprinted on the internal side of the top cover. Superior craftsmanship has been displayed while doing the beautiful carvings on the box. It is a light box which she can carry and place wherever she wants. She might want to make it a conversation piece during a Christmas lunch by placing it on a table in the living or dining room. At other times she might love tinkering with it in the bedroom.

Key Features:

  • Box with hand crank
  • Plays 18 note song
  • Plays till handle is turned

[amazon fields=”B091Q9C3M5″ value=”button”]

13. [amazon link=”B098Q4VSXW” title=”Wrist watch and bracelet jewelry gift set”]

[amazon fields=”B098Q4VSXW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Wrist-watch-and-bracelet-jewelry-gift-set”]

Holiday season means dressing up on many days and socialising, meeting up with loved ones and exchanging gifts. While the world is struggling to return to normalcy, this pair of rhinestone studded wristwatch and bracelet will help her to look and feel good. She will be getting compliments even if she attends or hosts a Christmas lunch or party having a handful of close ones. As the wristwatch works on quartz movement, it shows the time precisely. The dial has a clear glass covering which is scratch and shake resistant. It is easy to read the time as there are 12 rhinestones indicating the hour and there are 2 golden hands against the white dial. The dainty bracelet with butterflies on it is adjustable.

Key Features:

  • Sleek watch
  • Bracelet cum ring
  • Trendy wearable designs

[amazon fields=”B098Q4VSXW” value=”button”]

14. [amazon link=”B075D9G69J” title=” Woolen crew socks“]

[amazon fields=”B075D9G69J” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Woolen-crew-socks”]

These 5 pairs of thick winter socks with vintage designs would make great Christmas gifts for wife. The socks are cheerful multicoloured ones with old-school patterns which are extremely soft. These socks are going to keep her feet warm and toasty. She would have so much fun flaunting all the 5 socks on the 12 days of Christmas. These socks are free size so you can order them without worrying about the correct fit. There are also multiple designs you can choose from. The breathable thermal socks will keep her warm on wintry days. She can wear them indoors while doing her daily chores and can wear them outside for office, hiking etc. The socks are great to make any attire look dressy.

Key Features:

  • Can be paired with loafers and boots
  • Soft and thick
  • Colourful 5 pairs

[amazon fields=”B075D9G69J” value=”button”]

15. [amazon link=”B07L5QGF38″ title=”Aromatherapy Shower Steamers“]

[amazon fields=”B07L5QGF38″ value=”thumb” image_size=”Aromatherapy-Shower-Steamers“]

If she loves aromatherapy products (who doesn’t?), this charming set of 6 bath bombs with mind blowing scents are going to make her overjoyed. She can wash away all the stress while taking a bath with one of these fuzzies filled with natural essential oils. Going to a spa might not be feasible this year, so help her relax and rejuvenate right at home with the variety gift pack. Each bath bomb has been infused with a different essential oil. They are lavender, peppermint, watermelon, eucalyptus, grapefruit and vanilla. Each fragrance has its own benefits which can be clearly understood with the help of the free ebook.

Key Features:

  • Contains flower petals and essential oils
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Strong amazing natural aromas

[amazon fields=”B07L5QGF38″ value=”button”]

16. [amazon link=”9655752259″ title=”Fantasy Creatures: Adult Coloring Book Collection“]

[amazon fields=”9655752259″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt= “Fantasy-Creatures:-Adult-Coloring-Book-Collection”]

Adult coloring books are certainly good Christmas gifts for wife, considering the stressful times we live in. This is a collection of 5 coloring books for adults which have been bestsellers. Coloring books are good gift ideas because they help one to relax and put them in a good mood. It also helps one to get more focused and motivated. As these books are based on fantasy creatures, they are filled with dragons, unicorns, mermaids, fairies and vampires. There is one theme for each book. These books will bring her artistic skills to the fore even if she has never sone it before. She doesn’t need to know how to draw. Just like kids fill up coloring books having images printed, same with these books. The patterns on adults’ coloring book are a lot more complex and intricate. Coloring them has proven people to feel more relaxed and less stress-free as it has always been a pleasurable activity.

Key Features:

  • Helps to relax
  • 30 images in a book
  • Color pencils, water colors, gel pens, markers can be used

[amazon fields=”9655752259″ value=”button”]

17. [amazon link=”B01HUK64MK” title=”MakeUp Mirror with LED lights“]

[amazon fields=”B01HUK64MK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”MakeUp-Mirror-with-LED-lights”]

If the lighting in the dressing room is not perfect, it can be a little difficult to put on makeup correctly. She wouldn’t have to go to the washroom and stand all the while while using the bathroom mirror and lighting. With this makeup mirror having 24 LED lights attached on it, she can now do her makeup wherever she wants . She will be able to makeup flawlessly and get the desired look. The 12 inch vanity mirror is 360 degree rotational and can be adjusted horizontally or vertically too. The mirror has a 10x magnification spot which is detachable and can be removed. The brightness can be dimmed by touching and holding the sensor switch. Because it is equipped with an intelligent memory function, when the lights of the mirror are switched on, they will light up in the same setting that was done in the previous usage.

Key Features:

  • Angle can be fully adjusted
  • Brighter and larger than other lighted tabletop mirrors
  • Touch control brightness

[amazon fields=”B01HUK64MK” value=”button”]

18. [amazon link=”B01LBUG9CK” title=”Women’s Novelty Socks“]

[amazon fields=”B01LBUG9CK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Women’s-Novelty-Socks”]

Aren’t you glad that the days of finding last minute Christmas gifts for wife are over? We mean rushing to the store to find something cute for her at the very last moment. The stress was just too much to reach the shop before it shuts for Christmas. But not anymore because now you can order gifts like these novelty socks and get them  on expedited delivery. Your wife must love one of these three things –  wine, coffee or chocolate. Get her a pair of funny socks based on her liking and make her smile. The socks will not lose their shape even after washing them in the machine for years and will remain the way they are –  soft, bright and comfortable. 

Key Features:

  • Crew socks
  • Non-slip ink
  • Made with combed cotton and spandex

[amazon fields=”B01LBUG9CK” value=”button”]

19. [amazon link=”B08BZQJ6L2″ title=”Hand Cream Gift Set“]

[amazon fields=”B08BZQJ6L2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Hand-Cream-Gift-Set”]

A luxurious gift set having hand creams, foot cream and lip balm definitely falls under best Christmas gifts for wife. This box can be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. It has 8 tubes of scented hand creams, a natural stick of moisturising lip balm and a moisturizing foot cream with plant essential oil which repairs cracked heels, keeping them hydrated and odor-free. These cute travel-sized tubes can easily be put in handbags while she travels.3 of the shea butter and VE hand creams are also infused with the goodness of fruits and 5 are infused with plant essential oils.

Key Features:

  • Value pack
  • Luxurious and useful gift
  • Hydrating and moisturising products

[amazon fields=”B08BZQJ6L2″ value=”button”]

20. [amazon link=”B07DLQR4KN” title=”Neck Shoulder Back Massager“]

[amazon fields=”B07DLQR4KN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Neck-Shoulder-Back-Massager”]

Your wife has always taken care of you and so you are wondering what thoughtful Christmas gifts for wife can you buy. You want to get her something which will take care of her. If that’s the case then we suggest you give her this massager. The shiatsu massager produces heat and gives a deep kneading effect. Not only the neck, shoulder and back, but she can also use it to massage the muscles of her waist, leg and feet. She can have a full body massage session at home without needing anyone’s help.

Key Features:

  • Relief from body fatigue
  • Can be used anywhere
  • 2 layers of protection

[amazon fields=”B07DLQR4KN” value=”button”]

Ho! Ho! Ho! We are done with listing the top Christmas gift ideas for wife. Hope we made your shopping struggle easy. Just think of her personal interests and go for one which suits her. You are going to make it the best Christmas ever for her. Merry Christmas!