20+ Useful Gift Ideas for the Employees

Top 20+ Useful Gift Ideas for the Employees

The festive season has begun. People are in search of different gift ideas to impress others. Here, we think about all the people who are close to us like our parents, relatives etc. But we usually don’t think of other people like the employees who work at our office or the other people who are our servers. Because of them the whole country is running. They are working very hard to make our companies work and we should definitely make them feel good about it. Gifts are indeed required by all of us to create the special feel that is required. Everyone is working and they should be definitely praised for their work to keep them going on a positive note! This time we have got all the ideas covered. These ideas are useful and they will bring a smile on any one’s face easily. These ideas are practical yet heart-warming and will spread positivity. From magnificent cups to décor pieces, we have covered everything here. Check out this to find some of the best gift ideas for an employee. Bless them with some happiness and bundles of joy with these gifts.


The first gift goes as it says. A medal should be given to the person who has worked hard all these days. This is a simple plain gold medal which can be given to any person who has been working really hard. This medal will add true charm to his work. This can be hung on the wall and will increase the beauty of his office space.

Key Features:

  •     Contents: Award Medal with red ribbon
  •     Material: Hard Alloy with gold plated


We know how much coffee is important for us. This is a positive skill coffee mug which comes in white colour. This mug will add up to his office space and he will have another great mug to enjoy his coffee shots. This has a cute cartoon design made on it with high-quality material. This mug looks cute and funny and can be gifted to anyone who you think deserves well. This mug is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and is environment friendly too. This can be washed easily and can be cleaned with cloth too.

Key Features:

  •     Colour: white
  •     Material: Ceramic
  •     High-quality glossy finish
  •     Reusable and odourless


This is the ideal gift for all the women employees at your office. This is a coffee mug with the perfect quote related to women empowerment. This coffee mug will add beauty to your space and will make them feel empowered. The print is of high quality and the mug is made of ceramic. The print gives this mug a glossy touch and makes it suitable as a gift. These mugs have been hand-crafted with perfection and this makes them environment friendly.

Key Features:

Material: Ceramic

Colour: White

High-quality print

Capacity: 325 ml

Jupiter Kala Office Cubicle Pen Stand Home Office Desk Stationary Organizer

No one can understand the importance of a stationary organiser other than an employee who has to work at his desk and deal with all of it. This is a wooden stationery organiser which has different compartments in it. It is made of high-quality birch plywood. It can be used to keep all the stationery like pen, pencils, business cards, etc. This also has a space to show the date and it can be changed easily every day. This is a must-buy gift for your employees and helps them to stay organised.

Key Features:

  •     Material: Wooden
  •     Fine quality material used
  •     Compartments included


This is a coffee mug with positive thoughts written on it. Positive mindset is very important in our everyday life. This mug comes in a variety of colours and is made of good quality ceramic material. The paint used is shiny and glossy. The print has longevity and will not wear out easily. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is easy to clean and does not leave spots after washing. This makes the mug odour-free too.

Key Features:

  •     Quantity: 320 ml
  •     Super white ceramic material
  •     High-quality digital finish
  •     Premium gloss paint used
  •     BPA free
  •     Environment-friendly


We surely have heard of all types of gift sets. But this one is very different from the others. This is a corporate gift set which includes an apple-shaped clock, a crystal roller pen and 1 business card holder. This comes in a gift box which makes it perfect to give to your employees. This gift set is very chic and looks super classy. This gift set will surely set a different level for the gifts which are usually given to the employees.

Key Features:

  •     Corporate gift set
  •     Colour: Silver
  •     Comes in a beautiful gift box
  •     Includes, 1 crystal roller pen, 1 business card holder, and 1 apple-shaped clock
  •     Made with finest quality material


Water is very essential for us. So, we have a personalized water bottle for the person you love and want to keep them hydrated. This stainless-steel water bottle which can be kept at the office desk to have a go-to sip of water. This bottle is durable and is light-weight which makes it easy to use and carry. This bottle is completely spill-proof and makes the work easy for the person who uses it. The name of the receiver will be inscribed with laser detailing which stands out easily among all the other items kept on the table.

Key Features:

  •     Personalized water bottle
  •     Laser print
  •     Durable
  •     Light-weight
  •     Spill-proof
  •     Easy to carry


This is a best employee pen stand which comes with the best employee written on it. It is made of wood and is durable. It has a glossy finish and touch to it to make it look exclusive. It also comes with a mobile stand. This pen stand is very much suitable for all the employees as all of them are deserving and everyone deserves much more respect. This will do the right thing.

Key Features:

  •     Wooden pen stand
  •     Comes with a mobile stand

Printfidaa Mugs For Coffee || Employee Of The Month Gift || Designer Ceramic Coffee Mugs || Mugs For Dad || Mugs For Mom || Mugs For Friends || Girl Friend Mugs || Boyfriend Mugs || Mugs With Pictures ||Mugs With Funny Quotes || Mugs For Birthday Gift For Friends

This is an exclusive mug made just for you. While you were pondering what to give to your best employee, we chose this item for you. This is a coffee mug which says employee of the month. This coffee mug will be loved by the receiver and they will enjoy sipping coffee or it can be used as a table décor too. This is made from high-quality ceramic material and has a glossy finish. This is environment-friendly and dishwasher safe.

Key Features:

  •     High-quality ceramic material
  •     Premium quality gloss finished mug


This one is again a corporate gift set which contains a card-holder, a key-chain, a wrist watch, and a pen. This combo is ideal for the employees as this contains exactly everything whatever they need. All the inclusions are made of high-quality material and come in silver & black coloured combo. This comes in a beautiful gift box. This can be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Key Features:

Corporate gift set

Contains a card-holder, a key-chain, a wrist watch, and a pen

High-quality material


Every office goer carries his own lunch. This is a lunch set combo from Milton. This set includes a 3-piece tiffin set with a water glass. It comes in a variety of colours. All these are placed inside a bag to keep it safe. The bag contains more compartments for keeping condiments and tissues. This is made of high food-grade material and keeps the food warm and fresh. All the containers are round in shape and completely leak-proof.

Key Features:

  •     3-piece tiffin set with water glass
  •     Leak-proof
  •     Microwave safe
  •     Comes in a bag
  •     Easy to carry
  •     Keeps food hot and fresh
  •     BPA free


Another best way to give someone a present is by giving them a gift card. This gift card can be used for shopping at Amazon. The person can buy desired things by using this gift card. This gift card can be recharged using any desired amount of your choice which starts from 100 INR and goes till 10,000 INR. This is one of the best possible ways to surprise someone this year.

Key Features:

  •     Gift card
  •     Can be used only for Amazon
  •     Can be recharged with desired cash amount

RIVURAJA Glass Beer Mug with Handle, Heavy Base Fun Entertainment Glassware Beverage Drinking Cups for Water, Wine, Juice and Bar Dining Décor Novelty Gift,400 ml, Set of 2

If you happen to be a chilled-out boss and want to really give something cool to your employees this year then this is the perfect gift. This is a combo of 2 beer mugs. It is made from good-quality glassware and is durable. These are transparent and hold almost 400 ml of the beverage. This has elegant design and looks versatile. This will be one of those perfect gift ideas.

Key Features:

  •     Set of 2 beer glass
  •     Glassware
  •     Durable
  •     Quantity: 400 ml
  •     Transparent
  •     Versatile look and elegant design

14. [amazon link=”B08BHRCHMV” title=”Gift Hamper for Diwali

Is Diwali around the corner and you are still thinking what to give to your employees this year? Then, worry not. We have kept the best Diwali hamper for your employees who will surely love this. This hamper contains 1 RadhaKrishna show-piece, 4 matki-shaped wax diyas, and 1 greeting card. This idol has been beautifully hand-crafted by our local artisans which adds up to the beauty of it. Also, the wax diyas are extremely beautiful and look auspicious especially on the occasion of Diwali.

Key Features:

  •     Gift hamper
  •     Contains 1 RadhaKrishna show-piece, 4 matki-shaped wax diyas, and 1 greeting card
  •     Extremely beautiful idol
  •     Hand-crafted by local Indian artisans

Shubhanjali Combo of 2 Christmas Hampers/ Gifts Boss-Office Employees New Year Hampers for Friends & Family Reiki Hanging Crystal Stone

This is very positive and a good luck gift which indeed will bring good charm in one’s life. This festive season gifts this hamper to someone and brings good luck to his/her life. This comes in a stunning beautiful brown box which includes 4 buddha monk mini statues, and 1 100 beads Amethyst tree. These are said to bring prosperity to one’s life. This makes another perfect gift for employees for any occasion.

Key Features:

  •     Good luck show piece
  •     Contains 4 mini buddha monk statues and 1 100 beads Amethyst tree
  •     Perfect for gifting purpose


This one is again a desk organiser but a step above than the regular one. This is made up of wood and can be personalized too. the table organizer will have their specific names inscribed on it. This looks very classy and also has a separate place to adjust dates for every day.  It comes with a pen stand which can hold almost every stationary along with a table clock and date stand. This also has space to keep your mobile phone too. This looks great when kept on the table.

Key Features:

  •     Desk Organiser
  •     Comes with a pen stand, table clock, date stand, and phone holder
  •     Can be personalized
  •     High-quality material used

KACHVI 7 Chakra Crystal Tree for Good Luck Money Vastu. Bonsai Feng Shui Tree Figurine Home Decor Artificial Tree. Ornaments for Living Room. Meditation Gift. Gold Wire 300 Bead.10-12 inch..

This is a small tree which can be used as an office table or desk décor. It is made up of crystals which are known to heal our mind and calm down our souls. This can be the perfect gift to provide all your important employees with the positivity they deserve. This tree will pull out all the toxins from your mind which in turn calms it down. This tree is shaped as a small bonsai and looks extremely beautiful. This tree is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s life.

Key Features:

  •     Crystal bonsai tree
  •     Table decor
  •     Multicoloured stones
  •     Healing stones used
  •     Brings good luck to one’s life

Jeval Plastic Digital Abstract Alarm Clock with Date Time and Temperature (White, 9 x 9 x 9 cm)

We all need to get up early in the morning for leaving for our offices or for other work. And, for that we need to get up on time. Time to give something very useful to your employees this time. This is a LED table clock which is both beautiful and useful. This is a digital alarm clock which displays day, date, time, and temperature. This is one of the ideal gifts for an employee. It has LED lights which glow in the dark. This is multicoloured and looks great when kept on the office desk or a side table.

Key Features:

  •     Digital alarm clock
  •     LED lights used
  •     Multicoloured lights
  •     Displays date, date, time, and temperature


Few people have a tendency to light incense sticks in their office desk. Like we know few fragrances are known to soothe and calm down our minds. This is a buddha incense smoke burner. This is beautifully and elegantly designed. You just have to place a small incense cone on top of it and let the smell flow all over the area. This smoker burner releases the smoke in a waterfall pattern which looks beautiful and adds up to your office décor.

Key Features:

  •     Incense smoke burner
  •     Contains buddha statue along with it
  •     Easy to clean and use


If you happen to be the boss at an all-men office, then this is the right choice of gift item for you. This is a combo of a genuine leather wallet and a genuine leather belt. This comes in 3 colours which are black, brown, and tan. This leather gives a luxury feel to the user and is made of high-quality material. The belt is also tamper-proof and can be used daily. This combo is one of the perfect gift ideas for an employee. It also comes in a box which makes it ideal as a gift.

Key Features:

  •     Wallet and belt combo
  •     Genuine high-quality leather
  •     Colour: Black, Tan, and Brown
  •     Durable
  •     Ideal gift for men
  •     Comes in a gift box

WILDHORN Wildhorn India Bombay Brown Leather Men's RFID Wallet (699771)

This one is a leather wallet which is made from high-grain leather. This wallet looks like a luxurious statement wallet. It has a space where the name can be inscribed which can be anything like the employee’s name or the company name. These wallets are made for gifting purposes and come in a beautiful designed box. The company also sends free gift packaging for all the orders places which is an added advantage.

Key Features:

  •     Material: Leather
  •     Colour: Bombay Brown
  •     Weight: 200gms
  •     Comes in a pre-packaged box


This coffee mug is indeed very unique and stylish. This is a camera lens shaped coffee mug. The shape of the mug makes it different from the other regular mugs. This mug looks classy and is ideal for anyone irrespective of their gender. It can be used to sip tea also. This mug comes with a leak-proof lid and is insulated to keep your hand safe from heat and spillage. This is designed to be a multi-purpose container which can be used for other beverages too.

Key Features:

  •     Coffee mug
  •     Camera lens-shaped
  •     Multi-storage mug
  •     Leak-proof
  •     Anti-spill
  •     Capacity: 400 ml
  •     Made up of high-grade food material

Sow and Grow Plantable Pencils (Pack of 10 Single Pencils) Made with 100% Recycled Paper | Eco Friendly | Return Gift | Corporate Gifting

These days people have a habit of keeping small plant saplings on their office desks. They feel that plants will bring positivity with them and will absorb all the negative vibes. This gift is for them. These are sow and grow plant-able recycled seed paper pencils. These pencils are ready to use and contain seeds of beautiful aromatic flowers. This can be grown on any small pot with just water. Give these pencils to your employees and shower some positivity on them!

Key Features:

Reusable seed pencils

Contains seeds of aromatic flowers

Easy to use

These were some of the sure-shot gift ideas for your employees this festive season. Shower some unlimited well-deserved love on them. This will help them to get motivated for new goals. Choose any gift from this well curated list and surprise them!