Top 26 Amazing Gift Ideas for Artists You Know

Top 26 Amazing Gift Ideas for Artists You Know

Artists are creative in their style. You may know an artist or two in your friend’s group or family. Artists love to be creative and uniquely have a fun personality too. They love gifts that are related to arts and at the same time useful too. If you want to give an artist a gift, then we suggest something that is beyond your thinking.

You need to be creative as an artist and think outside the box when you are gifting them something for their birthday or as a Christmas gift.

Shopping for a gift requires so much thinking and you may not have the time to think as you may be buying last-minute gifts for them.

Here is a list of creative and useful gifts for art lovers that they will find super amazing


Artists can create so many designs or paintings before revealing the final one to the world. All the other paintings or designs are thrown away and so much paper, ink, etc are wasted because of the practice and to perfect their masterpiece. This buddha board is perfect for painters to practice as much as they want without ever wasting any resources. The artists can dip the bamboo brush into the water and start painting or designing onto the board. You can easily rub it too and this will help the artist to sharpen their skills.

Key Feature:

  • Relaxes mind
  • Zero waste of other resources
  • Easy to use
  • Environment friendly



This journal is by jane davenport and the journal contains the creative discovery of the author. Jane Davenport is a successful author that inspires so many women artists to work on their journey. This journal is so inspiring and special that every artist must read it once in their lifetime. This is the best gift for any artist you know

Key Feature:

  • Inspiring journal for young artists
  • A must-have book in every artist’s library.


For an artist, the most important thing is to clean his/her tools and equipment. Artists normally sketch or paint and use either pencil or brushes to paint or sketch. Brushes are hard to clean and need to be deeply cleaned daily. As brushed hair is soft, some oil paint might get stuck and won’t remove easily as you might have thought.

This master brush cleaner helps you remove any paint or color from your brush. It has a lemon citrus scent to it and is used by so many art lovers.

Key Feature:

  • Paintbrushes may be restored
  • Lemon-scented brush cleaner
  • Has non-toxic water-soluble compounds.


Some people use iPad to sketch their designs and are eco-friendly too. To be very smooth on their designs, they need a Stylus pen that works just like a pencil on paper but it will be a pen for the iPad. This gives you so much more control than your finger does. It is also compatible with all the recent models of the iPad. This is the best present for an artist who uses the iPad as their paper.

Key Feature:

  • Palm rejection design
  • Smooth and precise
  • Compatible with all older version of iPad
  • Easy to use


Every art student or artist needs to have sticky notes or a small diary in their hand all the time as they can find a new idea for a design and they need to keep a note of it. This booklet has sticky notes with different borders and is also colorful. It makes the perfect gift for any art lover who needs to note down everything.

Key Features:

  • Hardcover memo pad has hundreds of sticky notes
  • Easily fit in your wallet or purse.
  • Portable anywhere.


All artists want to keep their brushes safe, neat, and clean. This paintbrush roll has three different compartments to keep all your brushes separately. This roll is mostly used by the painters who go out for painting and it is easier to carry and use. This leather cloth will also keep the brush’s hair safe and soft. Any artists would love to get this as their birthday or Christmas Gift.

Key Features:

  • Can be personalized
  • Different sizes are available
  • Handmade from leather


This linen apron looks very beautiful and can be worn by both men and women. You can choose the size and color of the person you are going to buy it for. It is an affordable gift and has many compartments in the front to keep all the necessary things that any artist wants to keep. This is the best gift for any artist you know.

Key Features:

  • Multiple color option available
  • Different compartments in the front
  • Sizes available
  • An affordable and useful gift


Making something with clay is also considered an art. Various artists use different techniques and materials to create art and one of the materials is clay. Clay is also considered to be relaxing by any therapist. A therapist recommends carrying out some art when you want to relax your mind and molding clay is one of the best art forms to soothe your mind. This is the best relaxing gift for any artist you know.

Key Feature:

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Multiple flavors/scents
  • Contains soy and gluten


For PC gamers it is important that the PC have a certain height to it so that they can look at the PC straight.

This Monitor Desk Stand helps your PC to be adjusted according to you and your desk height.

It has a fully adjustable gas string arm and can be easily portable anywhere you want.

This monitor desk stand is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for the person who loves PC gaming.

Key Features:

  • Build quality with steel parts
  • Can tilt or move the monitor easily
  • Minimal and easy assembly required.
  • Rotate the screen too
  • Can reclaim desk space too


We all need and have coasters in our home. An artist’s house is filled with art things. So why not give them the coasters that are related to art? This is a complete set of 6 pieces and each piece is unique and describes another story to the coaster. If the guest comes to your house, they are going to be impressed by the coasters and the décor of your house. Your artist friend will love this coaster set as their birthday present.

Key Feature:

  • Add some décor to the house
  • Different geometric patterns
  • Affordable gift


There are so many artists in this world who have inspired people to come forward with their passion. You may know some of them and you may not know some of them too. This book has 50 fearless women’s journeys shared along with their art that any artist must-read. This is the most inspiring book for any beginner or artist who must read and have this book with them.

Key Feature:

  • An inspiring book for artist
  • Incredible stories of 50 Women


An artist wants to have art in everything he/she buys for himself. They always want a story behind everything they buy. This iPhone case has great artwork behind the cover and it is too deep to understand by a common man. You can select the model of the phone and the case type too. This iPhone case will let your artist friend with some new inspiration. This is the best gift to give your artist friend on his/her birthday.

Key Features:

  • Hard case
  • Extremely slim
  • Available in all iPhone models
  • Wireless charging supported
  • Easy snap on and off


Artists need to keep their hands safe and free from any pain. A long day of sketching or painting can cause some pain in the fingers or the hands of the artist. This foam roller is the best way to avoid and prevent any kind of a pain in your hands or wrist. You can roll this on your hands and wrist and it will increase blood circulation in those areas. It is just of size 6-inch so you can easily carry it anywhere with you including your studio, office, etc. this makes the perfect gift for any artist friend you know.

Key Feature:

  • Alleviates sore muscles
  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry anywhere


If your friend is a very great artist and you have access to their best art work, then this is the best gift for them. Take their best artwork and get it framed so that they can hang it on the wall. You can choose the frame, the size will be according to the art you gave. This will be the most unexpected gift to your artist friend. As your friend will see the efforts you put into their previous artwork they are going to fall in love with this gift. This makes the perfect gift for any art lover.

Key Features:

  • Select the frame
  • Choose the molding
  • Choose the color
  • Also, get styling to advice from experts


An artist is generally discovered when he/she is a child and loves to play with painting colors and so. This watercolor set is perfect for your kid or nephew if they like to keep painting all the time. This watercolor set is specially made for small kids and has a set of 12 colors inside the box. Any kid will be happy to see these colors and if they are truly in love with painting, they must also know the trick to make new colors with existing colors. This is the perfect gift for any kid you know loves art.

Key Features:

  • 12 tubes of 12ml each
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Professional standard color set



We all need caffeine in our daily life for energy and to stay awake all day or all night.

This heat changing mug is the best as there is an artist printed on it along with a black background. As soon as you put any hot beverage, you can see the changes in the background and it will turn into a Russian masterpiece that any artist would love to stare at. This is the perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for any art lover you know as they will have their Russian masterpiece in a mug.

Key features:

  • 12 oz Ceramic cup
  • Microwave safe but not dishwasher safe
  • Magic mug


So many artists are still old fashion and use paper to design and color it with watercolors. These sheets are also perfect for kids who want to become an artist in the future and want to perfect their skills. This watercolor paper has two packs of 32 sheets. These sheets are thick and are perfect for coloring them with watercolor. This is the best gift for any artist you know as you know that practice makes a man perfect.

Key Features:

  • 64 sheets to practice
  • Smooth and thick sheets
  • Premium paper
  • No more fading



Every girl or boy likes to wear something on their necklace. This pendant is the best gift for any artist. This pendant is the wheel of colors and has so many different colors all together in a wheel-shaped pendant. It looks so pretty when you look it up on someone’s neck. It gives you a vintage kind of feeling and it is the perfect gift for any art lover you know.

Key Features:

  • Vintage looking
  • Looks pretty after wearing.


Painters are awake all night completing their designs or paintings. Mug is an important part of everyone’s life as they drink coffee or tea in it. This mug is specially made for painters as they love to paint. This mug has a sweet message printed on it “I am a Painter” along with a color palette printed on it. This is the perfect gift for any person who loves painting.

Key Feature:

  • Multicolor printed mug
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Ceramic mug


All artists need a wooden stand to keep their paper on it and start sketching on it. This adjustable stand has three legs and is perfect for any painter who colors or sketches its design. It is 5-feet long and can support any board up to 48-inch. You can also hold pictures or frames and draw easily. This stand will make the artist’s work easy so that he/she can work easily by having a great support through the stand. This is the most useful gift for any artist you know.

Key Feature:

  • 5-feet long
  • Makes artist work easy.
  • Has 3-legs that gives great support.


Every artist needs a break from their art or designs. This modern art puzzle has 1000-pieces that they have to put together. They can even use glue to stick the puzzle pieces which they are sure of. This puzzle can also later be used as a wall art after it is completely solved. This is the best gift for any artists as they can relax and complete a great puzzle too.

Key Feature:

  • 1000-piece puzzle
  • Fun and affordable gift
  • Artist skills are tested.


As an artist works with his/her hands all day, their hands may get tired and dry. This hand lotion is the best for any dry hands. It is non-sticky and non-greasy and lasts longer on your hands. There are so many different scents available and you can choose the ones they like. This hand lotion is also cruelty free hand lotion. This makes the perfect present for any artist you know works hard and has dry hands.

Key Feature:

  • Paraben and sulphate free
  • Different sizes and scents available
  • Moisturizing and non-greasy texture


This keychain is the cutest item you can give to any artist. This keychain has a cute small sized painting palette along with a small brush and a message written on it. The sweet message engraved is “Follow your dreams” and it is the perfect gift for any artist you know. Their heart will melt seeing this keychain as a gift from you.

Key Feature:

  • Dreams charm, painting brush charm, and a palette charm is included.
  • Free pouch for the keychain
  • Affordable and sweetest gift.

Artists love to have great items in their décor and the above mentioned gifts are specially searched for any art lover you know. Any artist will love to get these presents as their gift. Any artist would want these fun artsy gifts from you and the above list is perfect and every artist enjoys using those things mentioned above. So, these are gift ideas for artists.

Hope you like the article please let us know in the comment section.