20 Cool gifts for 10 year old boy that are must-haves for kids now

The games and toys for a 10 year old become a little more different, a little grown-up, than the ones for single-digit aged kids. Gifts for 10 year olds are more creative and complex. But they aren’t that complicated that kids won’t be able to handle them. The games and toys should be such that they won’t have to bother their parents. Some games could definitely be good if they give a chance to family bonding time. Turning 10 is a huge affair, a milestone birthday. If you are looking for a birthday gift for 10 year old boy, below are the ones he would have fun using. The most popular ones are STEM toys, construction games using bricks, board games and cars. These are all quality gift ideas which you can give for Christmas too. 

Any remote-controlled car is going to be loved by a kid, but this race car is something different which makes it the first to be included in our list. It is controlled with a laser gun. He will have fun pointing the laser somewhere to see the car racing towards it. What doubles the fun is that the car defies gravity and drives on walls and ceilings too. This laser-chaser wall-climber car will have him play with it for hours as soon as you give it to him. A zero-gravity laser, controller and USB charging cable will be given in the box. How restless will the boy be to show his latest racing car to his best buddy!

Key Features:

  • Car chases laser light
  • Multi-direction control
  • Can move on walls & ceilings

This is a classic board game for players aged 10 and above. It is known to be a great strategy game which requires only about 15 minutes to play. This family friendly game is known to be a hit with adults at parties too. 2 to 8 and even more players can play this game, so on Christmas or on game nights, the whole family can get together and enjoy. On other days he can play with a friend or sibling or anyone who’s available. It is a game to do with word cards on the board and giving one-word clues to your partner.  Team members need to guess the words belonging to the correct colour. They must also avoid guessing those that belong to the opposite team. The game can make people laugh while they try to guess.

Key Features:

  • Can be played competitive style
  • 2 – 8+ can play
  • Word-based game

Exit-The-Game: The-House-of-Riddles

Escape Room that can be played at home. Wondering how? This game set will take care of everything. This game is styled on the escape rooms that are a favourite entertainment spots for kids and youngsters but this is more hands-on. The best part is the ability to turn any room of the house into an escape-room set up without a whole lot of effort. A 10 year old kid will enjoy solving the mystery, brainstorming with others. The room will be turned into an abandoned house where players will be locked and they will have to escape. In order to do that they must solve riddles and puzzles. Thus it is a game which poses a challenge but is just the perfect amount for a kid.

Key Features:

  • Needs 1-2 hours
  • Can be played once
  • Riddle-solving game

This electronics discovery kit is one of the best presents for 10 year old boy. More than 100 electronic projects can be built by him using this kit. Over 30 snap circuit parts which includes music-integrated circuit, wires, speaker, switches and alarm-circuit. Few project ideas which he can make using this kit are a flashing light, a siren with adjustable volume, a photosensor and a lamp which can be controlled by voice! No extra tools are needed for fixing the different parts as the pieces snap together easily on the grid made of plastic. Because the pieces are made of plastic, they are strong and will withstand rough handling. Two AA batteries will be needed for the kit.

Key Features:

  • Includes base grid
  • STEM toy
  • Promotes engineering thinking

This contraption will be easy to play with for a kid as it requires no batteries or motor to run. It is powered by air and it just has to be pushed a little. There will be an instructional manual to guide the boy on how he can make it and then see his car go. This is a racing vehicle which is powered through compressed air. It is another set which is based on STEM which will make him learn through play. The Air Screamer that he builds using the kit will be able to move at a speed of 45 mph and travel over 50 meters.

Key Features:

  • Pneumatic motor
  • For future engineers
  • More than 100 parts

This is a classic dice game which is exciting for both kids and adults. It is a fast-paced game which needs 15 minutes to play a full round and is extremely family-friendly. A game which is fast-paced and has competitiveness is best for a 10 year old because otherwise he can get bored. The last player remaining is the winner in this dice game unlike the dice game Ludo. Here, the player who possesses the dice at the very last wins. In this game players have to roll their dice into the arena, which is nothing but the board. To get more dice they will either have to make matches or knock out the dice out of other players. And one whose dice gets knocked out of bounds has to lose valuable pieces. Same happens if the dice roll ends up with an X.

Key Features:

  • Has good replay value
  • Upto 5 players can play
  • Easy to understand


Staring at a lava lamp can fill a 10 year old with wonderment and also will help to calm down. The blobs which are colored wax move sound and can have a bewitching effect. A kid has high imaginative power and he can imagine the shape of the blobs to be different things like maybe a heart, cactus, bone, sun etc. Once the lamp starts to warm a little, the blobs start to move. Once it is placed in the kids room, it will instantly brighten up the space. Any standard wall power outlet will work for plugging it in. A print of volcano has been used on the base and it has a matching cap too.

Key Features:

  • 14.5 inch
  • Volcano -print base
  • White wax in clear liquid

This is a toy which is one of the cool gifts for 10 year old boy and would encourage him to step outdoors and take a break from looking at screens. Slackline kits are very popular now and the 10 year old will be able to play with it on his terrace, garden or backyard. He will be able to develop his ability to balance. If you are wondering what exactly a slackline is, it is kind of similar to a tightrope but with a base which is a lot wider. It is an all-inclusive kit having a training line, a main line, arm trainer, ratchets, protectors and a manual. A travel bag is also provided, so he can carry the kit easily while going for picnics or at a friend’s place for playdate.

Key Features:

  • Basic Slackline kit
  • Comes with tree protectors
  • Black tote bag included

Robotics Smart Machines

If you want to introduce a 10 year old to robotics, this is the smartest machine kit which you can give him. He will not only be able to build a robot but will also have an opportunity to program it. There is an app which has to be used to connect to the robot using bluetooth. With this engineering kit, he will be able to make not just one but seven robots and a bipedal android. This is an award-winning toy set which has been selected by parents, so if you are buying a gift for a friend’s child, be satisfied in knowing you are buying a great gift.

Key Features:

  • Needs a tablet or smartphone
  • 8 models can be made
  • 64-page manual with illustrations

If you know a 10 year old boy who is already a master at solving the Rubik’s Cube puzzle, challenge him with this ghost cube puzzle. This puzzle will boost his IQ and help to develop his logical and strategic thinking, and fine motor skills. It is a cube with steel or silver color, so unlike a rubik’s cube, alignment or matching of colors are not needed here. Here the shapes have to be twisted and the challenge or the end result has to be returning the pieces to form a perfect cube. Needless to say, this cube can keep him engaged for hours if he likes a challenge. It is a trendier version of the classic rubik cube which will make him go crazy for it.

Key Features:

  • Challenging difficulty level
  • For puzzle-lovers
  • Can be displayed as a decorative piece

Paint Chip Poetry: A Game of Color and Wordplay

This is magnetic poetry with a difference. If the 10 year old boy is showing interest in writing poems or is skilled in using words, this game will be enjoyed by him. There are 400 paint-chip cards in the set. There is a word or phrase on each card. With a prompt, a player makes up a poem by stringing their paint chips. There are no winners or losers in this game. It is more about enjoying a game that will let players show their creativity. A kid will be happy to mix up the words and colours while expressing themself. The game might encourage and influence them to  write even more frequently.

Key Features:

  • Colorful word game
  • Helps in composing
  • Party game

This was one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy 2019 and is still continuing to be so. It is difficult to find a kid who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter or Legos and it is no wonder this is one of the most sought-after gifts. This LEGO building set will shoot up any fan’s interest with its 878 pieces. After he finishes building his Hogwarts Great Hall, the mini figures included in the set will make it come alive. There are 10 mini-figures with the help of which he can easily recreate the scenes which are his favourite. It is a big set which he will enjoy building and then playing around with it.

Key Features:

  • Moveable spiral staircase
  • Best for H.P. fans
  • Enhances creative thinking

This kit will let a child build moveable cabins, catapults, collision cars and gravity fans. And in this process he will be introduced to the basics of kinetic and potential energy. There are also quizzes in the manual making it a fun learning experience too where he will know about Newton’s laws, inertia and momentum. The manual is filled with theories and facts, and also experiments. 3D illustrations have been given for every step so that the player can construct successfully. The Engino kidCAD app is available where 3D interactive instructions are available and 3D models can be viewed by zooming in and out, rotating, imploding and exploding. One will be able to build 8 models.

Key Features:

  • STEM kit
  • Contains theory book & quiz book
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions

We have included another experimental kit because kids do love to carry out experiments and projects. And this kit is one of the fun gifts for 10 year old boy and will be a hands-on approach to introduce a 10 year old to experiments and geology as he grows beautiful crystals. Instructions are given very clearly. One has to get some water heated and the powder or the compounds have to be dissolved in it. Then the seeds have to be added. Next one will be able to see their stone, which can be purple, red or white , sprout under the dome and continue to live there. He will be able to carry out 7 crystal growing experiments. The display cases will let him show off his beautiful crystals.

Key Features:

  • Has everything required
  • Crystals will take 7 days to grow
  • Display case included

This is a kit which is oddly calming and relaxing, much like the adult coloring books found today. This is a versatile set using which the 10 year old boy will be able to make beautiful patterns. There are more than 45 precision parts and spirograph pens which will help him in the same. The set has a whole lot of things like 19 precision wheels, 20 sheets of design paper, 5 gms of reusable putty and so on. This is one of those kits which provide endless hours of fun. This is an updated kit of the classic version and so it also has the new spiro-putty. There is a drawing surface which is in-built in the carrying case.

Key Features:

  • Set has 45+ pieces
  • Countless designs can be made
  • 3 design pens


This a great gifting choice as it is one which will keep a kid not only away from screen but also active and will need him to be energetic. This is a game which can be played anywhere, including backyards and even indoors. Whether a flat and smooth surface or an uneven surface, this set can be used anywhere. Anyone can play this game, so the kid will have the ultimate time with anyone who is ready to join him. This is a game which will bring out the competitive spirit in someone without fail. The carry case which is interestingly also the base makes it an easily portable set. It can be taken to the beach side or garden parties or to parks.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Height adjustable pole
  • All-surface base

This LEGO kit will let him build a monster truck and then he will go on an adventure which is hunting ghosts. For this there is an augmented reality app. He has to locate every ghost by racing his monster truck and then he can win the game. The app will help him to detect the ghosts. There are 428 pieces in the kit. If the parents are not yet ready to give him a tablet or mobile in his playtime, he will still enjoy this construction kit by playing with it straight out of the box. He will also be able to have RPG fun using the set.

Key Features:

  • AR playing experience
  • 4 minifigures
  • Horror theme

As you might have figured out from the name, this is an anagram game. In order to win, players have to form word grids and they will be using all their alphabet tiles in doing so. Every player should have the same number of tiles and they race against each other and all make their separate grids. Many international celebrities have declared themselves to be fans of this game. One can make changes any time they want. But after one finishes their grid, their opponents are going to check the grid for possible spelling mistakes, nouns and made-up words. And if there is a mistake , they become a rotten banana!

Key Features:

  • Literacy game
  • Fast-paced
  • Interactive language game

This is a board game which can turn hilarious and will require one to draw sketches. The more inept players are at sketching, the more fun. Every player will be handed a dry-erase marker, a card having some objects on them and a sketchbook. One has to draw an object from the list and give the sketchbook to the next player, who will then guess what it is and draw their interpretation. This way it will move on to the last player. This game is best played in a bigger group as the end results will almost always make the players Laugh Out Loud! At least 4 should play this game and they can be of any age making it one of the creative toys for 10 year old boy.

Key Features:

  • Has reusable products
  • Has a sand-timer
  • 2400 words to choose from

This is a toy which is suitable for kids and adults and is great for kids with autism or any special needs. It is a stress-relieving toy. It is completely safe as it is made with non-toxic silicone. It can also be cleaned easily with water and soap. It is a unique toy, different from all the gifts in the list because it is a push pop sensory toy. It also helps to develop logical thinking and mathematical skills. The toy successfully gives a sensory pleasure by pushing the pop bubbles. It encourages a child to be imaginative and creative and think of different ways to play with it.

Key Features:

  • Robot-shaped fidget toy
  • Colourful
  • Stress-relieving

We hope that our list is going to help you get awesome gifts for 10 year old boy. All the toys included above are delightful and most of them are educational. At his age, he is going through a lot of transitions. These gifts are great to be given for any occasion. Give any gift from the list and you will automatically become a very cool adult. These gifts are age-appropriate which any parents would approve too. We have taken care to see the toys are all safe and included some which will help his social skills and give his whole family bonding time while they play together.