20 Gift ideas for 10 year old girl which are popular worldwide

Are you looking for a good birthday gift for a 10 year old girl? Or it is some other special occasion and you want to get the best gift for her. Now let’s give a thought to how girls are at this age. They start becoming social and their friend circle becomes bigger. Also at this age, they like to seem cool to peers and boring gifts are an absolutely ‘no-no’ for them. Whether she’s living in India, Australia or U.K., there are some things which make the ideal presents for 10 year old girls. There are board games which every kid loves and also creative sets which appeal to the girls with an artistic bent of mind. Below we have tried to list unique gifts which fall under different categories.

If you have been invited to the girl’s birthday party but you don’t know her well enough. She might be a colleague’s daughter, in which case a gift card can be a helpful and useful gift. Also if you don’t want to hand over cash to such a young girl, her parents will be able to assist in her online gift shopping. They can get something which they would really like to have while their parents can check if she is buying something appropriate for her. Amazon gives you many designs to choose from and you can select a style you like. She can buy a stylish dress for her a new pair of footwear, anything she wants with the gift card.

Key Features:

  • Freedom to choose amount
  • Can be redeemed against most things
  • Can be sent as an email or as a link shared through mobile

Presents for 10 year olds must have at least one DIY science kit. Science kits not only appeal to their imaginative and creative side but also makes them interested in engineering and maths.  She can conduct these experiments at home with her older sibling as all of them can be done safely. If she loves to attend her science classes and watch videos on scientific experiments, she will go bonkers when you give this to her. She will be able to carry out more than 65 activities using this kit. She will make a corner of her room into her lab and will be busy like Dexter as he does in his laboratory. Just imagine, she will be able to create a soda geyser, a rainbow, quicksand, tornado, colour changing beads etc.!

Key Features:

  • Experiments on physical, earth and life science
  • S.T.E.M kit
  • Can be used for science projects

The Unicorn theme is huge among young girls all around the world. She would love to wrap herself up with this bathrobe after taking a shower. The kimono style robe is very comfortable and she might want to wear it as her daily sleepwear too. The robe is complete with a hoodie which looks like the face of a unicorn and has a horn too. The hoodie will keep her head and ears covered on cold days. She would love to invite her classmates for a slumber party so that she can dance around in her new fabulous and colourful sleepwear. The rainbow patterned robe willshoot her coolness quotient so high.

Key Features:

  • Knee length
  • Made with polyester
  • Matching robe for doll

Now if you are a woman you must already know that a shirt-dress is in vogue for girls and ladies of all ages. So if you have been thinking of trendy gift ideas for 10 year old girl, get this dress for her. A shirt dress looks good on every kind of her, whatever type of personality she is growing up into. The colourful vertical stripes on the white dress makes it perfect for any occasion and the 3/4th length sleeves and collars keep the dress very age appropriate. Even the most conservative parents would love this dress for their little girl. No wonder this dress is a bestseller. A stylish dress which is extremely affordable should put an end to all your dilemma.

Key Features:

  • Cotton dress
  • Can be machine-washed
  • Button-down front

She might see her mom or elder sister go to the nail spa or salon to get their nails done. Now they can decorate their nails similarly, but sitting right at home. The nail stamper kit will let her change the designs on her nail whenever she wants. She can decorate nails of different sizes, so she can share the kit with her friends who come visiting her. Stamping patterns will be very easy. She will have to apply a base coat on her nails and then stamp a design of her choice on them using the stamper. It is an innovative gift for girls who love to dress up. She can decorate 125 nails in total, so if she is using the set just for herself, it is going to last for days.

Key Features:

  • 5 stylish designs
  • Go Glam bag for easy storage
  • Salon style manicures

This creative kit is designed for all-round development of a child: social, emotional, physical but it promotes thinking to the maximum. The theme of the set is seasons and has 2 pillow cases. Names of seasons and elements have been written and drawn on them. There are 6 washable markers which she has to use for coloring the pillow covers. There are other themes like food, music and transport available too. These kits are designed to relax a kid’s mind and help to go off to sleep. It is a good way to keep them off-screen before sleep time which is advised by doctors. They can showcase their creativity and wash the pillow covers and use them again.

Key Features:

  • 2 cotton pillow covers
  • Double-sided washable ink markers
  • Helps sleep better and improves concentration

This is a party shoe which every 10 year old must have in their footwear collection. It is a slip-on pair which is easy to wear and take off. Made of mesh fabric and PVC, the shoes have flat heels and can be walked in very comfortably. She can also run around in the shoes playing all the party games with her friends. The sole has been designed to reduce chances of skidding and the mesh fabric at the top will keep her feet comfortable. The round toe style means the shoes won’t hurt her big toenail. This kind of pair works both with casual wear and party wear. She can obviously wear them outdoors and can wear them for an indoor party too.

Key Features:

  • Premium quality mesh
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for all weather

This is a beginners guide which will help her invent ciphers, codes, hidden messages and so on. The girl can communicate with her friends using their very own secret language. Girls of this age start having some secrets of their own, which might be silly to adults but they don’t want to share those secrets with parents. And that’s where this book will come very handy for them. She will also be able to write down her heartfelt emotions and record memorable events in her special language in her journal. The book has been penned by none other than expert language creator David J. Peterson, who has created the language used in Game of Thrones, MARVEL universe etc.

Key Features:

  • Teaches secret communication
  • Can be used for writing in diaries
  • Teaches deciphering secret messages

This is the best gift for 10 years old girl if she has been recently allowed to have sleepovers at her house. She can also carry the box to her friend’s place for a pajama party, so that they can have a lot of fun. As a birthday gift, this one is an absolute winner. A sleepover has more than 3 friends so all the activities have been designed for more than 3 players. There is a spinner which a player has to spin. Depending on where the wheel stops, the player has to do an activity. There are 3 categories under which all the stunts and performances fall. The young girls will have a gala time laughing out loud while completing the challenges.

Key Features:

  • 200+ stunts, performances & activities
  • Family-friendly challenges
  • Different kind of games

You are going to be one cool uncle/aunt/relative if you give this bag to her. Every girl wants to look special and this bag will make the little girl look special too. She would love to carry this bag while she goes shopping, walks, malls, cafes/restaurants with her parents or to a friend’s birthday party. The length of the strap is just perfect for little girls or big kids as the length is adjustable and the strap is detachable. She can carry a mini notebook, pen, snacks, cell phone if she is allowed any or mini toys. It is a lightweight bag with a zipper, so she can carry it comfortably and none of her things fall out.

Key Features:

  • Shoulder or cross-body bag
  • Adjustable & detachable strap
  • High quality polyester

Your Fashion Design Studio

For a fashionista or a future fashion designer, this set is one of the most delightful gifts. The DIY kit will help her designher own fashion studio which might inspire her even more to choose a career path in the booming fashion industry. The kit has a toy mannequin for her projects. It will need her to start from scratch like sketching for the clothes to create an outfit. This will also make her aware of the steps and effort that goes in the manufacturing of a dress. Using real tools like a measuring tape and scissors will make her feel like a grown-up professional. She can design dresses and skirts of various styles.

Key Features:

  • Has real fashion design tools
  • 50+ pieces including real fabrics
  • Sketchbook and markers for sketching

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet and Mermaid Blanket Summer Super Soft Sleeping Bags (71x35.5) Blue

If you love to surf shopping websites and love to read articles which are based on shopping, you must already know that a mermaid tail blanket is one of the best gifts for 10 year girl. We have listed one for adults so that she can use it even when she turns into a teen. A blue sports bag/rucksack and also a silver Mermaid necklace will be given along with the blanket, so it’s going to be a 3-in1 gift for her! She would enjoy using the blue classic-floral patterned blanket throughout the year. She can stay cozy while reading her favourite story book and drinking hot cocoa. It has an easy in and out design as the tail and back parts are open making it easy for young girls to put it on and off for her.

Key Features:

  • Made with orlon and cotton
  • Super soft and smooth lines
  • For relaxing and sleeping in all seasons

Chocolate Pen - New & Improved!

This kit is going to help her make colorful tasty treats. She can create delectable masterpieces where she has to point and draw to fill up designs with chocolate. The box has confectionary chocolate included in it which is equivalent to 4 ½ candy bars. The 40 mold designs will let her create confectionary items easily. She can also display her creativity by drawing and shaping up her own design. How wonderful it will be for a 10 year old to be like a pastry chef topping up cupcakes and brownies with her designs! The melting tray keeps the colors melted and ready to be filled up in the pen and the chocolate included dries up within minutes.

Key Features:

  • 4 edible colours
  • Auto-fill pen
  • Blume Dolls inspired bonus molds

Most kids love to dance to express themselves and they enjoy dancing in parties inhibition-less. For any lively 10 year old, this dancing board game is a great gift. No dance skills are actually required to play this game and it is a great way to keep the players active. Players have to do the kind of dance based on where the spinner stops. There are also cards which will tell a player in the way they have to act while dancing. Others have to guess the style of dancing. It is a simple game guaranteed to get everyone rolling with laughter. The players will literally dance like they have done before like tap-dancing like a fish or ballet dance & surf at the same time!

Key Features:

  • Party game
  • Can be played with family
  • Needs 3 or more players

Every young girl wants to have their room look like a beautiful wonderland. They see young people on T.V. having these beautiful LED fairy lights in their room, making the room look dreamy and also party-ready. There are 120 LED lights on 12 drop strings and there is either a moon or a star at the end of each string. There are 8 different flashing modes and she can change the way the lights light up –  from constant  light to wave flash, combination flash etc. If you are looking for a Christmas gift, you will also help her room be decorated in a new way. We are certain that she won’t take down the lights when Christmas is over.

Key Features:

  • Wireless Remote-controlled
  • Has brightness adjustment key
  • Long-lasting good quality

This is another science based game that a 10 year old girl will adore. It needs 2-6 players. We know that germs are the reason we fall sick so in the game, the germs threaten to get under the skin and the objective of the game is to ‘beat the germs in a ruthless race through the body!’. It is a board-game which can be enjoyed with the family as anyone above the age of 8 will enjoy playing the game. It involves rollice the dice to move from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’. By answering some questions, players can get bonus moves. The game develops cognitive skills and also encourages one to work in a team.

Key Features:

  • Scientist vs. Bacteria game
  • Teaches how germ spread
  • Easy to follow

If you are looking for useful and fashionable gifts for 10 year girl, this accessory for kids is what you should buy. There are many colours to choose from. She can carry this bag and use it for years as teenagers can use it, any woman of any age can. There is enough space for her to carry the essentials like a bottle of water, a three-fold umbrella, her chapstick, purse, phone, snacks, handkerchief etc. She can even fit in a book or a notebook. While she starts to hangout with her friends after school, this is the bag she would love to carry. It will keep her hands free and she can run around without the fear of misplacing anything.

Key Features:

  • Polished leather exterior
  • Multiple pockets
  • Water-resistant

Give a budding singing supertalent a token of appreciation through this gift. It is a small mic and also a speaker. This rechargeable connects using bluetooth and can be paired with any smartphone, PC or iPhone. A 10 year old girl listens to Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Grace VanderWaal and the likes and dreams of becoming a star performer like them. At least girls who listen to music do it. Her dream to look just like a popstar while she sings at home will come true with this gift. The mic will amplify her voice and will also record. The sound output is a surround sound and once fully charged, she will be able to constantly sing in it for 5 hours.

Key Features:

  • Easy to carry around
  • Volume, echo and song style adjustment buttons
  • Noise Reduction recording

One of the best gifts for girls age 10 who are showing an interest in craft and knitting is this hardcover book included in an inclusive set. She can create her own pets and fuzzy friends by knitting them. She will be able to make more than 20 cute pom-pom sized animals like a frog, fox, chick, cub, kitten or a koala bear. A steel fork and yarn is enough for creating these mini animals. Once she finishes making them, she can display them all in a display bowl or plate on a shelf or table. Or she can give them as gifts to others. The book is well illustrated and every step is easily explained with pictures. There are full details on what she would need and none of them are difficult to get.Moreover, the kit has all the supplies needed.

Key Features:

  • Needs a dinner fork
  • Complete set
  • Step-by-step instructions

If you are under the impression that kids don’t have any idea of Instagram, then you are wrong. Kids are well aware of social media when they are 10 and we also have quite a few social media reviewers and influencers who are kids. Most girls would love to own a camera by themselves and this mini camera is a range among the young crowd. She would enjoy clicking photos using this easy-to-handle camera in the old-fashioned way. She might take it up as a hobby which is way better than spending time playing online games. Watching the photo pop out in a physical form immediately after clicking it will amaze her to no end.

Key Features:

  • Exposure can be adjusted
  • Has ‘high-key’ mode
  • Selfie-mirror

Hopefully all these gift ideas for 10 year girl will help you to get the perfect gift for the kid in your life. We have done the tough job of sorting the best gifts, so your time doesn’t get wasted. These are all on-trend gifts which would make the young girl squeal with delight. So go ahead and make her day, actually her year with something amazing and cool.