Top 22+ Gifts for Whiskey Lovers in 2021

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that so many people love to drink on the weekends or during parties. Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash and is aged in wooden casks. The older the whiskey, the higher the price, and ensure the taste. Whiskey drinkers have perfect stability and the men/women who drink it are considered to be strong with an appearing attitude. These whiskey lovers want whiskey with everything they eat and are famous for knowing too much information about the same. If you have a friend who loves whiskey too much, you should consider giving him/her the perfect present for whiskey lovers.


Bar Box™ Cocktail Shaker Set for Mixing Drinks Cocktail Whiskey Mojito Mocktail | Home Bartending Tools Accessories Kit with Stand Jigger Muddler Wine Opener | Alcohol Mixology Gadgets (Black Matte)

Everyone loves to have a minibar at their home. This home bartending set has all the things you need to make a perfect cocktail at home. It has the jugger, wine opener, jigger, and many other things. These bartending tools are in matte black and are made from high-quality rust-free materials. Any whiskey lover can try and make different cocktails using whiskey at home. This is the best gift idea for whiskey lovers. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Material: High-quality rust-free
  • Color: Matte Black

Ecomspace 3D Silicone Skull Ice Cube Tray Mold Four Giant Food Grade Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Maker in Shapes for Whiskey Ice Cocktails Cola Add Halloween Party Spooky Fun

Ice is the most important thing when you are drinking whiskey. Ice helps you bring the whiskey at a cool temperature. This silicone skull ice cube tray helps you mold ice into a silicone skull. You can scare your friends with these ice cubes. They are big and give you the perfect shape of a skull. They also have a lid and are very spooky. It is the most exciting and fun present for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Best gift for pranks
  • Material: Food-grade
  • Affordable Gift


A person who is a whiskey lover wants everything that he uses or eats to have the taste of whiskey. Toothpicks are commonly used by people after every meal to remove anything that is stuck in your teeth. For a whiskey lover, these toothpicks are infused in bourbon and give you the smell and taste of bourbon when they use these toothpicks. These toothpicks come in two different boxes that have two different whiskeys infused. Daneson whiskey no.16 and Bourbon no.22 are infused. It is the perfect present for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Two boxes
  • Two different whiskeys infused
  • Flavor and smell of a whiskey


Any whiskey lover knows that to make a perfect drink of whiskey you need the right amount of water and whiskey. This water dropper helps you mix the right amount of water into the whiskey. This water dropper has the shape of a pot that helps you with the control of the water drop. This water dropper is made of glass material and also helps you make cocktails. Every mini bar should have this water dropper.

Key Features:

  • Material: Glass
  • Color: clear
  • Made in Scotland

The Glencairn Official Whisky Water Jug

Whiskey decanters are very old-fashioned and common for so many people. This new whiskey water jug is used to pour whiskey into everyone’s glasses. This whiskey jug can hold 250 milliliters of whiskey and you can also put ice cubes to make it cold. You can keep the jug in the freezer to bring it to a cold temperature. This jug will also increase the decor in their house in front of the guest.

Key Features:

  • Material: lead-free crystal
  • Color: clear
  • Capacity: 250 milliliters

Khakee Printed Designer Whiskey Theme for Ceramic Coffee Mug (325 ml)

Whiskey lovers want to have whiskey in the morning instead of coffee. This mug is a normal coffee mug that is made of ceramic material. This mug has a fun message “This could be whiskey” printed on the outside. When he/she drinks anything in that mug, people might get confused about what they are drinking. This is a fun gift idea for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Capacity: 325ml

ExclusiveLane Round Wooden Handcrafted Coasters Set for Dining Table Cum Tea Coasters (Brown, Set of 6), (l * w * h) = (3.8 * 3.8 * 0.4) inch (EL-005-373)

As you are drinking whiskey, you might want to cover your glass with a coaster. These wooden table coasters are round and are made of wood. These coasters come in a set of 6-pieces and have a barrel shape to them. The barrel is an important part of making whiskey. These coasters can be kept at home or in the office, by looking at these coasters everyone will understand that you are a whiskey lover.

Key Features:

  • Color: Light Brown
  • Material: wood
  • HandCrafted

Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments

Every whiskey lover has in their mind to try whiskey together with different things. Hacking Whiskey is just a book but a lifestyle that people who drink whiskey adapt after reading this book. This book has so many hacks that they will try and drink whiskey. The author of the book is a whiskey geek who has written so many hacks that anybody can try it from the comfort of their home. It is the best gift for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Book-length: 264 pages
  • Language: English
  • Affordable Gift

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries, 400gm

When you drink whiskey with some sweet fruit like cherries, it is a great hack for whiskey lovers. This cherry jar has great flavored cherries that will develop a great cocktail garnish for your whiskey cocktails. These cherries can also be used as a dessert garnish and the juice in this jar is 50%. The cherries are in their natural color and no preservatives or added color is used. The shelf life of these cherries is 4 years. It is the best present for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Shelf life: 4 years
  • Do not freeze
  • No added preservatives

Northern Lights Candles Spirit Jar Candle, 5 oz, Whiskey & Tobacco

For every student going to college or school, this standing pencil case is an excellent gift item. It is designed uniquely because it can stand and it has enough space for a student to fit in his essential stationery. Your student is bound to be impressed by this gift and will treasure it for life.

Key Features:

  • It can be used as a pencil holder as well as a pen stand!
  • Made out of premium-quality, soft canvas fabric
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can be washed easily, wear-resistant
  • Easy to make it stand on shelves or desks
  • Comes at a reasonable price 

A A Field Guide To Whisky: An Expert Compendium To Take Your Passion And Knowledge To The Next Level

Only a few whiskey lovers know about the making and history of whiskey. This book “A field guide to Whisky” is a perfect book to give to the people who drink and love whiskey. This book helps them gain knowledge about how the whiskey is made, what ingredients are used, etc. This book also lets you know about the whiskey that is in trends and how their name were kept. You may also learn how much time it takes to make a perfect whiskey.

Key Features:

  • Book-length: 320 pages
  • Hard copy available
  • Language: English

Bar Box Tm Set of 5 White Marble Beverage Chilling Stones Whiskey Stones for Whiskey and Other Beverages (Marble)

Now, you don’t have to worry about your battery running out when you’re travelling or when you are in your class because we’ve got you covered with this power bank from Portronics. It will charge your phone anytime, anywhere and features a high-quality fast charging mode.

Key features:

  • Has dual-input charging options for micro USB and Type-C
  • Ultra-powerful, built using highest quality polymer cells
  • Has a nice rugged and compact body
  • Has an anti-skid grip with a gloss finish
  • Has a digital LED display


The unique designs on the mugs make them very attractive and eye-catching. Now, you don’t have to worry about staying up late at night because you can have your coffee from this mug admiring it at the same time and also doing your work simultaneously.

Key features:

  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a capacity of 500 ml
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Handmade ceramic mug
  • Has an attractive design
  • Safe to hold to avoid heating

Corkcicle Silicone Glass with Ice Form - 1 Glass, 1 Ice Form, Multicolour, 750ml

A whiskey wedge helps you create a great shape of ice in a glass. You can pour whiskey on top of the ice and it creates a beautiful drink. You have to fill the glass with water and keep a whiskey wedge to give water the shape it required and freeze the glass till the water turns into ice. You can remove the wedge and see how beautiful the glass and whiskey look together. It is the best gift idea for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material: Silicone
  • Capacity: 750ml

Menzy Easy Sip Stainless Steel Hip Flasks, Liquor or Wine Whiskey Alcohol Drinks Holder Pocket Bottle with Funnel and Two Shots Glasses Gift Set for Men - 7 Oz (210 ml)

This globe is a helpful item for people of all ages including college students and adults as well because it helps improve your sense of geography and learn something new every day about this huge world. It comes with a free magnifying glass so you don’t have to struggle to view the tiny places on the globe.

Key features:

  • Rotates smoothly
  • Laminated scratch proof
  • Sturdy, durable, lightweight, and long-lasting
  • Comes with a free magnifying glass
  • Comes at an affordable price

Pears Pure & Gentle Moisturising Bathing Bar Soap with Glycerine For Golden Glow 125g (Pack of 5)

For a whiskey lover, they need everything with whiskey in it. These soaps are made from scotch whiskey that proves good for the skin. They also have the smell of whiskey. You can also ask for the different aromas of the soap. These soaps are homemade and have great ingredients for moisturizing the soap.

Key Features:

  • Handmade soaps
  • Smell of Scotch 
  • Different scents available

Amazon Brand - Solimo Wax Tealight Candles (Set of 100, Unscented)

Yamazaki is a whiskey that is aged over 12 years. This bottle is made into candles and people who love this whiskey would love to have this candle bottle at their home. This candle is of 750ml volume and has the aroma of jasmine. You can burn this candle for up to 100 hours straight. The candle is handmade and it is the best gift for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 20 ounces
  • 100 hours burn time
  • Wax Type: Soy


Bitters are an addition to the cocktails for enhancing the taste and aroma. This bitter bundle comes in a set of 4-piece bottles of 2 oz each. You get four different flavors like aromatic, orange, chocolate reserved, and spiced cherry. These bitters are aged in bourbon and are used in any cocktails to add the taste of whiskey. It is the perfect present idea for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 2 oz 
  • Barrel-aged
  • Used in cocktails


To drink a perfect glass of whiskey, you must also have whiskey glasses with you. These whiskey glasses come in a set of 4-pieces. These glasses are clear in color and made of crystal. These glasses come in a box and also are dishwasher safe. You can use these glasses when there are guests or friends over for a party or a drink. It is the best gift for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crystal
  • Great packaging in a box
  • Unique and stylish glasses

The Whisky Dictionary: An A–Z of whisky, from history & heritage to distilling & drinking

Every whiskey lover should know about this book. “The whisky dictionary” book has everything from a to z printed about whiskey. You can learn about all the different types of whiskey and their history. There is information about how whiskey is made and what ingredients are used. They will unlock so many secrets to drinking the best whiskey in the world. This book is a must-have to every whiskey lover.

Key Features:

  • Book-length: 256 pages
  • Language: English
  • Great Book


So many people love to eat maple syrup-like pancakes. This maple syrup is aged in bourbon and develops a taste and aroma of bourbon too. For a whiskey lover, this maple syrup tastes like heaven. Even the persons near him/her will feel that they have drunk whiskey. This maple syrup is the perfect gift for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • 100% pure maple syrup
  • Organic
  • Superior flavor


For a person who loves coffee and whiskey both, this ground coffee might be the best gift you can ever give them. This ground coffee has the aroma and flavor of jack daniel’s Tennessee whiskey. When you drink this coffee, you will feel you are drinking whiskey due to the taste and aroma of it. People around you will also be fooled because of the aroma of the whiskey. It is the best gift for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Medium-roast level
  • Ground-level
  • Reasonable Gift


This stylish ring has an elegant appearance and can be customised according to your University name and logo. It makes for the best gift for college boys so they can dress up their fingers with style and flaunt their amazing rings!

Key features:

  • The top of the ring is 12.5 mm
  • Can be designed with any logo you want
  • High-quality solid 925 sterling silver
  • Can be worn daily, harmless to the skin
  • Handmade with passion

Whiskey Decanter Set with 4 Glasses and 9 Cooling Whisky Stones, Funnel for Rum, Scotch, Bourbon, Liquor Crystal Clear Whiskey Decanter Sets For Men Christmas Gifts for Men Dad Boyfriend Husband Him

Having a personalized whiskey decanter is every person’s dream come true. You can give this whiskey decanter that will have the initial and name of the person printed on it. This whiskey decanter also comes with two whiskey glasses that are also personalized. This decanter will add great decor to the minibar of your friend. It is the perfect present idea for whiskey lovers. You can also choose the design and style of the print.

Key Features:

  • Design and style options available
  • Decanter capacity: 32oz
  • Pinewood box free for decanter

BrüMate NOS'R, double-wall stainless steel whiskey nosing glass - 7 Oz (Walnut)

Whiskey lovers tend to carry their whiskey around a lot. This whiskey tumbler is made from oak and is brown. This tumbler can hold up to 100ml max and you can also put ice in it to make the whiskey cold. This oak tumbler helps your friend to carry and drink whiskey anywhere they want. The tumbler is easy to clean and you can also engrave their initials, name, or a message on the tumbler up to 50 characters max and makes the best gift ever.

Key Features:

  • Material: Oak, Wood.
  • Capacity: up to 100ml
  • Handmade and Reasonable Gift


Gifting a great game for a fun night is the best idea. This tasting kit includes a world map and 4 metal tokens. This whiskey aroma tasting kit has 88 different aromas from around the world of 4ml each. The person who loves whiskey can guess the whiskey’s name by smelling the aroma. You also get a whisky aroma wheel that helps you play the game and features 26 world-famous whisky. The aromas come in a great leather box and it is the perfect present idea for whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Box material: leather
  • Fun Game
  • Handmade and Affordable Gift

Crazy Dog T-Shirts Mens Whiskey and Sunshine Tshirt Funny Summer Drinking Tee (Heather Navy) - S

There is no perfect weather to drink whiskey. You can drink whiskey at all times of the year. This t-shirt says “Whiskey weather” and is a unisex t-shirt. You can choose the color and size of the t-shirt. This t-shirt is very comfortable to wear and they can wear it on the weekends or on the day they want to drink. When people read the title on the t-shirt, they will understand that they are whiskey lovers.

Key Features:

  • Color options available
  • Size options available
  • Comfort material


Any whiskey lover would want this sign to hang above their minibar. This sign states “Sit long, sip slow Whiskey Bar Finest Old Liqueur”. This sign will add so much decor to his/her minibar. Anybody who comes to their house will know how much they love whiskey and would love to try a whiskey from their minibar. This sign is made of aluminum material and you can choose the size accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Material: Aluminium, metal
  • Affordable Gift
  • Handmade Item

whiskey stones gift set full

A barrel is used to age the whiskey for years or months. This small barrel is a great gift for whiskey lovers you know. They can keep this barrel in their minibar or their living room for decor. Any guest or person who will see this will know how much they love to drink whiskey. You have the option to engrave their name on this barrel and also give them some whiskey glasses. 

Key Features:

  • Engrave the person’s name
  • Style options available
  • Material: Oak, wood, and steel

The above-mentioned gifts for whiskey lovers are perfect. These gifts will be loved by any person who loves whiskey. Do like and subscribe to your email and give your feedback in the comment section.