spooky basket gifts for men

20 Best ideas on how to make a spooky basket for men

Halloween is a festival where we exchange gifts with our loved ones and try to be as expressive as possible while doing so. It is no longer limited to just giving candies to kids as treats. You do not have to spend heavily when you have to make a spooky basket for him. Especially when preparing a DIY basket, you can control the expenditure and prepare a gift hamper as you like. Need spooky basket ideas for him? We have listed some gifts which we think are the best ones to lift his spirits during Halloween this year, when there is a low-key or maybe no celebration at all. There are also some containers which you can use for packing in all the favourite gifts that you buy for him.


A basket is the first requirement when making a spooky basket. This traditional looking basket is going to help you make one which you can easily carry yourself. The double drop down handles increase the convenience when you are planning to give it to him personally. You can put in some bread, cookies, chocolate, beer or any other edibles or non-edible gifts and wrap the basket with a transparent or translucent sheet and your boo basket will be done. The white lining that the basket has gives it a sophisticated touch. He will be able to reuse the basket later as his bread or fruit basket. It will also look great as an accent piece when kept on a table.

Key Features:

  • Can be used for picnics
  • Fabric lining
  • 2 handles

Halloween and cookies and chocolates go hand in hand. So this gift basket is an ideal basket. The best thing is you can just hand over the parcel to him. You do not have to buy or decorate a box or gift bag separately. It is a gourmet food gift box which has an elegant packaging and you can give it to a colleague too. The chocolates are of 12 different and unique flavours. The chocolate dipped and covered cookies will make a decadent experience for the lucky man who will be getting the box. The different kind of toppings on each of them makes it a delightful gift for a chocolate lover.

Key Features:

  • Chocolate covered sandwich cookies
  • 12 different flavours
  • Dairy-free

You can give these multi-pack socks to any teenager boy or an adult man. These are polyester socks with a bit of spandex for stretchability. If you want something which is total value-for-money, you should be getting these socks. The best thing is, since there are 5 pairs of socks, you can put each pair in each gift basket you are planning to prepare. So maybe 1 or 2 for your boyfriend, same for your brother or a friend. You can put all the socks in one gift basket too. These are no-show white socks with only black being used on them for designs. The black and socks will also suit everyone’s taste, including those who are not fans of colourful socks.

Key Features:

  • For fans of the movie
  • Machine washable
  • No show socks

It is time for another basket to be listed in the list which can be turned into a fabulous spooky basket for him. This is a basket which has been woven with a rope and is eco-friendly and lightweight. It will make a really unique-looking gift basket because of the bucket shape. There are handles on this basket too, which means it is easily portable. This cotton organizer can be later used by him as a container for his blanket or as his laundry basket. It is also good as a home decor item and will look when placed inside the washroom, beside the washing machine or hung in his bedroom.  You will be able to make a large hamper using this basket.

Key Features:

  • 15 inch tall
  • Handmade
  • 100% natural

If you are wondering if these are boxes of greeting cards, let us inform you that it is not. These are perfect for Halloween gifts for adults as these are empty gift baskets, designed for Halloween for booze-lovers. For the man or men who love to drink beer, even in autumn, you can make their basket very easily with these cartons. You can fill craft beer like pumpkin beer in 6 beer bottles and put them in a carton. It will look like a store-bought pack of 6 beers. There are 4 of these six-pack gift cartons. On one side of the box, there is ‘Beer Greetings’ printed and on the top the handle, ‘Eat. Drink. And Be Scary.’ has been printed.

Key Features:

  • Halloween greeting card attached
  • Four six-pack bags/boxes
  • Holds 12 oz. beer bottles

Wondering why these party favours for kids or small toys have been included? Simple, to spruce up your gift basket appropriately. When you are putting together a gift basket, you have to put something to make it suitable for the occasion. And the gift-giving occasion is Halloween, you need this 24 pack skeleton pack for the spooky baskets you are preparing for men or a special man. There are skeletons in 12 different glittery colours and they can be stretched up to 24 inches. Apart from good decoration ideas, these skeletons are also good as sensory fidget toys.  These are perfect fillers for spooky baskets for boys as they are made of safe material.

Key Features:

  • Fidget toy
  • Non-candy Halloween treat
  • Individually wrapped

Are you looking for a funny gift that you can include in the gift hamper? This is a gag gift which you can place in your father’s halloween basket, or your boyfriend’s or husband’s basket too. Though Halloween is about scares and horrors, a Halloween basket can have any type of gift. This night light fits any toilet and emits 8 different colours. It is a motion-sensor LED light for toilet bowls. As soon as he comes near his toilet, the bowl will light up. The light will get switched on. But yes, this light only works in darkness.  Don’t worry, the light is water-resistant, so it won’t get damaged. It is easy to clean too.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable arm
  • Colour Carousel mode
  • Switches on and off automatically

If your work bestie loves to eat sausage and cheese, then surprise him with this delicious gift basket. The basket contains a box of Water Crackers and four blocks of cheese. 2 slabs are Cheddar Cheese and 2 are Pepper Jack Cheese. There are 4 big summer sausages and their flavours are – Smoked, Jalapeno and Cheddar, and smoked garlic. Feeling hungry, right? Well there are 2 of the smoked summer sausages so maybe he won’t mind sharing one with you! For his Halloween party he can slice the sausages and cheese blocks to make a fancy plate for his guests. The pasteurized process cheese blocks are of 113gms each.

Key Features:

  • Ready to serve or eat
  • Perfect party snacks or appetizers
  • Handpacked carefully

Spooky basket for him ideas’ should include something suitable for the season. Halloween comes in the autumn season and it is the best time to be giving him a sweatshirt. It is not winter yet but the weather has started to get cooler and he can really use a sweatshirt at this time. A new sweatshirt in his spooky basket then, is going to make him undoubtedly happy. We have selected the orange colour keeping in mind that it is the colour of autumn and Halloween. But there are various colours available. So maybe you can pick the navy one if that’s his favourite. Or any other colour if he doesn’t like wearing orange. It is a fleece shirt made with polyester and cotton. It doesn’t come with a tag or the tag can be removed easily, so that it doesn’t poke the skin.

Key Features:

  • Lay flat collar
  • Machine washable
  • High-stitch density

This is a kit where the gift box can be given as a Halloween gift basket itself. All the grooming and care products have been wonderfully packed in a very presentable box. The beard growth kit has products which are fully organic and pure. There are 2 packs of beard growth oil, beard wash or shampoo, a beard balm or leave-in conditioner, a beard comb, brush and a beard scissor. What a great gift it is going to make for that man who loves to grow a beard and style it. He will have everything he needs to take care of his beard. The beard brush is made from natural boar bristles and the comb is a wooden one.

Key Features:

  • Sharp scissors for precision trimming
  • Travel-friendly kit
  • Free Ultimate Beard Care EBook

When you want to give something useful and not an over-the-top Halloween gift, this pink salt lamp is definitely a great choice. The owl design or decoration makes it suitable for Halloween too. The lamp has been designed in art deco style and has a stainless steel frame which forms the lamp basket. The base is made of wood. The corded electric lamp has a dimmable switch so he will be able to adjust the brightness according to his mood. He can keep it in his bedroom, living room or kitchen. 3 bulbs will be included in the pack so he won’t have to look for a compatible lamp anytime soon.

Key Features:

  • Therapeutic Lamp
  • Warm amber light
  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel basket

After some great gift ideas, this is again a basket for making your spooky basket. It is a basket which has been made using a pinewood. It has a simple look which will add a simplistic elegance to the whole gift hamper. The basket has one broad moveable handle. It is flexible which makes the basket easy to handle. You can put your gifts in this lightweight basket  and make it look beautiful by stringing along fairy lights around the basket. He can later on use the basket as a kitchen or bathroom caddy. It will be easy for him to keep it clean too because he can just wipe it with a cotton cloth to keep it clean.

Key Features:

  • Classic finish
  • Can be used as dining table organizer
  • Big size tray

Fourseven® Jewellery 925 Sterling Silver Boo! Cufflinks for Men (Gifts for Him)

This is a small gift which you can include in the spooky basket. The cute casper-like ghost cufflinks are made with 925 sterling silver. These cufflinks will make a great gift if you have been thinking of including something semi-precious in the hamper but not something very expensive. These cufflinks have been handcrafted in India maintaining international standards of purity. The young man would look dapper when he puts these cufflinks on his semi-formal shirts or even formal shirts. They are free from lead and nickel, which means they will not irritate his skin even if his skin is highly-sensitive.  The cufflinks will be delivered in handmade dupion silk boxes which will add extra style to the gift.

Key Features:

  • Designer jewellery
  • Pure 925 sterling silver
  • Skin-friendly


This is the kind of mug which gets included in most gift hampers. It is an orange mug which says ‘Halloween’ and has a scary pumpkin-face printed on it. This mug is actually going to be a cool and funny gift for your boyfriend or spouse. Especially if he is a clumsy man, he must be breaking cups and mugs often and will often be needing a new one. He can have his spiced pumpkin latte from this mug or enjoy hot tea or coffee on the cool autumn days and evenings. Or like any mug, he can use it on his workstation to keep his stationeries organized. If you are making a gift hamper for someone whom you don’t know too well, like a colleague, you can definitely include this coffee mug.

Key Features:

  • Microwave safe mug
  • Gloss finish
  • Sublimation printing

If the recipient of your gift hamper is a man who loves to read books, then a book is a must-have in his spooky basket. It’s a fast-paced entertaining read involving a New Year party in a remote lodge and old friends. If he’s not a fan of the horror genre and would prefer to read an engrossing book rather than going to a Halloween party, he would love to get this book. The friends in the story are all different kinds and a murder take place between them. Sounds like a movie plot, isn’t it? Well if it’s for someone special, plan a different kind of Halloween where you both can have a book reading session while you sip on some wine.

Key Features:

  • Classic murder story plot
  • Fast paced
  • Sunday Times Bestseller

After putting the book in, the next thing you can put in the basket for the nerdy guy is this paperback of Spooky Su Doku. As we all know, Su Doku puzzles require correct placement of numbers and many people are addicted to such puzzles. It is also the best gift for anyone who loves to solve Su Doku puzzles. There are 150 tough puzzles which will keep him entertained the whole evening. As a gift it is one with benefits. Solving Su Doku puzzles helps to keep the brain healthy and improves concentration. Apart from spooky, scary and creepy puzzles are also available. So maybe you can make a basket having just all three books.

Key Features:

  • 150 new puzzles
  • Difficult
  • Improves concentration

Give your boo (your boyfriend) this funny journal to say ‘Boo Ya’ to him this Halloween. If he loves to write, he will be very happy to find this gift. Many people maintain a daily diary or use a journal as an organizer. So this is a useful gift which will also serve the purpose of a notebook when needed. He can use the notebook for making sketches or writing poems if he is the creative type. This notebook is a paperback and small in size. Thus it is lightweight and can be carried easily in a bag or folder. It is an awesome Halloween gift which is pocket-friendly and useful.

Key Features:

  • Matte cover finish
  • 100 pages
  • Compact size

Hallmark Paper Wonder Pop Up Halloween Card (Spooky House)

A gift hamper looks complete when a greeting card is included in it. It is also a keepsake gift which the recipient can save for years. This is a wonderful pop-up Halloween card which can be included in anyone’s spooky basket. When the card is opened, a spooky house pops up once the card base is squeezed. The spooky house is actually a scary pumpkin. All the Halloween elements c3an be found on the card like a pumpkin patch, black cat, black raven and black spider. The recipient will have something unique to add to his Halloween decoration when he keeps it on a table near the door or any console table/shelf.

Key Features:

  • 3D Pop-up design
  • Jack-o’-lantern in pumpkin patch
  • Intricate laser-cut

How about an orange square basket for making a gift hamper? To us it sounds perfect. And this one looks good and proper festive. It will immediately get him in a festive mood as the orange box has golden handles which will lend the spooky basket a rich look. It is adorned with a few golden stars. You don’t even have to add anything extra to decorate it to make it like a gift hamper. Just place your gifts and you are good to go. We suggest you fill the basket up with cookies, chocolates and snacks to make it a delectable food hamper. After all, who doesn’t like a basket filled with goodies to munch on and feel good?

Key Features:

  • Decorated tray
  • Can be used as bread basket 
  • Has handle

A card game is a spectacular gift item which you can include in his gift box. This is an ‘intense murder mystery card game’ which can be played by anyone above 9. It is a deluxe edition, which makes this game even more special. The game has a proper story based on the year 1899 and England. Lady Brood had invited her friends to her estate for a weekend stay. Then a murder takes place. The players have to solve the murder mystery and also if a player is not the murderer, they also have to escape from the mansion. The whodunnit card game can be played by 2-6 players and will need only about 15-30 minutes to play. It can be a good game for his Halloween party.

Key Features:

  • Needs deduction, bluffing & wit
  • 9 wooden suspect tokens
  • Easy to play


If he’s someone who likes to throw parties for his friends and is planning an intimate Halloween party this year, this is THE gift for him. As soon as he sees this gift, he will use it, that’s a given. He will be able to wow his guests by serving them glasses of cocktail, whiskey, cola, iced tea or any drink with skull-shaped ice blocks in it. The mold tray has a lid and he will be able to make 4 vivid ice cubes. He would love having his whiskey on the rocks when the rocks look uber cool. And these ice cubes last longer than regular cubes and the ice cubes can be taken out easily from the moulds.

Key Features:

  • BPA-free silicone
  • Lasts longer
  • Dishwasher safe

You will be having an awesome October, making up all those spooky baskets. And making spooky baskets for him will make you  get into the celebration mode too. Even if he is not so  big into horror, these spooky halloween-themed and non-spooky things will make a great gift hamper for any man. So you can make cute spooky basket for boyfriend and great Halloween baskets for your father, brother etc.  Happy Halloween!